With respects to Construction, I have only been in the actual management of Division 7 scopes of work since May 2013.  I am familiar with all types of roofing and waterproofing systems, and even some other systems such as concrete, wood and so forth, to include estimating, budgeting, change orders, shop drawings, takeoffs and much more.

Since becoming a Project Manager in May 2013, I have had the privilege to manage a variety of interesting and massive projects.  I will post some of these projects as well as the systems installed.

A few major projects in Honolulu completed include:

  • Walgreens Flagship Store
    • Carlisle 60-mil PVC Roofing (105 mph Wind Warranty)
    • Tremco Saltwater Paraseal
  • Waihonua Condominium
    • Grace Preprufe 300R
    • Grace Bituthene 3000
    • Grace Perm-A-Barrier VPO
    • Grace Procor Composite Membrane (Rec Deck Waterproofing)
    • Carlisle 60-mil TPO Roofing (105 mph Wind Warranty)
    • Standing Seam Metal Roofing
    • Pedestals / Wood Paver Tiles (Thermo Mahogany) / Concrete Paver Tiles
    • Engineered Coping with material painted by Linetec
  • Ala Moana Ewa Expansion
    • Sarnafil PVC Roofing
    • Tremco 250GC Split Slab WP
    • Tremco 250GC Planter WP
    • Tremco Saltwater Paraseal Below Grade WP
    • Standing Seam Metal Roofing
  • The Collections – To include the Tower, Parking Garage, Lofts and Commercial Unit 4
    • Grace Preprufe 300R / Bituthene 3000
    • Stego 15-mil Vapor Barrier and Grace Florprufe 120
    • Carlisle TPO
    • American Hydrotech MM-6125 Hot Rubber WP
    • Pedestal Mounted Pavers and IPE Wood Pavers
  • Anaha Tower Block K
    • Grace Preprufe 300R / Bituthene 3000
    • Over $800k worth of flashing and sheet metal
    • Carlisle PVC
    • American Hydrotech MM-6125 Hot Rubber WP
    • Kemper 2K-PUR Cold Fluid Applied WP
  • and more.

Current major projects I am managing at this time include:

  • Pacific Beach Hotel Renovation – Pedestal Mounted Porcelain Pavers and Ipe Pavers, CIM 1000 Waterproofing, Neogard, Preprufe and Florprufe
  • Ritz Carlton PH II – American Hydrotech MM-6125 Hot Rubber WP, Sarnafil PVC, Kemper 2K-PUR

If there is anything you need assistance with, especially Division 7, we would be more than happy to assist you.  This includes Estimating, Takeoffs, Change Orders, Shop Drawings or anything else.  please let us know and we will provide our rates!

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