About Me

Aloha, My name is Joseph Glade, the owner of JG Group LLC.  We are a technologically minded company aimed as reselling computers, technology assessments, recycling and refurbishing old computers, as well as Help Desk Support.  Currently work at Beachside Roofing, LLC as the Network Administrator and a Project Manager.  I am also a Captain in the Army National Guard.

Here is my IT resume.  I have been working as the Network Administrator since June 2010 for Beachside Roofing, LLC.  While in the military I was also a Network Switching Systems Operator-Maintainer from June 1999 to June 2003, and November 2006-May 2010.  Before that I have been tinkering with computers since 1992 when I was in 6th Grade, and my first computer my Uncle gave me was a Wang 386 20 Mhz computer.

Company: Beachside Roofing, LLC ; Position – Network Administrator ; Dates: June 2010-Present

As Beachside Roofing’s Network Administrator, Implement network securities and provide maintenance of company’s computer systems, including cell phones (Blackberry, Iphone and Android) and peripherals, data support as well as help desk support. Oversee the administration and maintenance of the company’s network wired and unwired infrastructure and oversee administration of the company’s Wide Area Network (WAN).

Manage the IT network and systems on both Kauai and Oahu, and managing the firewall and VPN. Oversee system backups, archiving and disaster recovery, as well as providing expert support and training when necessary.

Responsible for the ordering of hardware and software for the company.

Oversee IT training for over 70 employees. Responsible for managing the company’s cell phones and account, to ensure best cost saving practices are in order. Fully integrated and adept in Google Apps for business. Experienced in managing servers running Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008, as well as managing active directory.

Company: Hawaii Army National Guard ; Position – Network Switching Systems Operator Maintainer ; Dates: November 2006-May 2010

While assigned to the Hawaii National Guard (After my tour in Iraq as a Unit Armorer and previously a Unit Armorer in the Nebraska National Guard) was a Network Switching Systems Operator Maintainer for a Signal Company.  Also since I was pursuing my commission and my degree during this time, I was also a platoon leader.  Primary functions including setting up the Tactical Network.  Also providing help desk support and ensuring all systems were operational and running smoothly.

Company: United States Army (Active) ; Position – Network Switching Systems Operator Maintainer ; Dates: June 1999-June 2003

During my time in the active duty, responsible for again setting up a Tactical Communication Network, but using the MSE architecture for communications.  Participated in many exercises while an active duty signal soldier.